Dear Stall Holder


Old Christ Church is a Grade II* listed building and all our committee members and volunteers who work hard on a completely voluntary basis giving up many hours of their free time to bring these events to you in order to maintain this magnificent building for the Church’s Conservation Trust. (Charity Reg No: 258612)  We are proud be able to open it to the public and the following terms and conditions are to be adhered to by all stall holders and their associates.  The church is still consecrated and so we ask all visitors to treat it with respect and conduct themselves in a polite and courteous way towards all other traders, the public, committee members and volunteers.

We advertise the event for your participation. However, it is your responsibility to find the event that you would most like to attend. Stalls will be booked on a first come first served basis and bookings are not confirmed until full payment has been received.

While most points made are purely common sense others are legal requirement that we are required to inform you of. We would hope that the points made are valid and adhered to. It is not our intention to single out or offend any individual.

You can visit our website at oldchristchurch.uk or join us on facebook  OldChristChurchWaterloo for up to date news or we welcome you to write a review.

We thank you for your continued support of Old Christ Church, Waterloo.

The Friends of Old Christ Church                                                 

Terms and conditions of your booking

1. Bookings: Are to be made through Event Organiser only.

2. Primary Stall holder. Bookings are to be made in the name of the primary stall holder and it is their responsibility to ensure all associates are made aware of the terms and conditions of the booking.

3.  Special requests are to be made at the time of booking. I.e. Electrical points for lights, more room for wheelchair users or hanging rails. We shall endeavour to accommodate your request where possible. An arrangement will be reached by both parties and agreed upon before stall payment is taken and your booking is finalised. 

4.  Payments Types  Most of our events are pay cash on the day with the exception of The Craft Antique and Collectors Fairs. Payments for this event are to be made at time of booking via Bank transfer, Cheque or Pay Pal

Note £1.00 booking fee will be added when paying via PayPal

Full details of payment procedure will be given at time of booking.

5. Set-up and Trading Times We will inform you of the set-up time when booking an event. Stall holders will have one and a half hours to:- check-in, bring their goods in and set-up their stall. Trading is not permitted until the designated opening time given to the public. Tables must be claimed within 30 minutes of doors opening with all good brought into the venue so we can if possible close the doors until we open to the public. Stewards will be at all entrances, passage given to stall holders only.

Volunteers only are permitted to set-up the day prior to the event so they are free to help on the morning of the event.

6. The Entrance to the church is on Waterloo Road. You can park in the church grounds, or in the streets surrounding the church, but must not cause an obstruction or danger to passers-by, the church gates or any other vehicle. Your vehicle and its contents are left on church grounds at your own responsibility, and must be removed at the end of the event. Do not park your vehicle across the church doors.

7. Arrival On arrival please check-in at the front table. Stall holder liaison’s will show you to your table/s. (Which is non-negotiable)

Please bring your products into the church in an orderly fashion and respect other stall holders and volunteers who are helping out on the day.

8. Presentation & Products.  We aim to provide variety to the public and you are required to exhibit/sell the products that were described at the time of your booking. Stall holders must set up within the boundaries of their allotted stall and not encroach onto their neighbouring stall holder. All tables are to be well presented and covered with a clean floor length cloth.

9. No extra tables, stands, boxes, chairs etc. must be added to your table without prior consent.

Aisles, doorways and exits must be clear and free from obstructions at all times.

10. Pegboards are available but must be requested at time of booking. The use of drawing pins or tape is strictly prohibited. Hooks will be provided for use with the pegboards. Pegboards will not be moved on the day of the fair.

11. Marks or Damage to furniture, walls, floor or any part of the building is strictly prohibited and therefore any form of adhesive to display your products is not permitted. Pegboards with hooks can be hired to display your products.

12 Electricity is not offered unless agreed prior to the event. There is limited electricity points in the church and any lighting you wish to use must first be approved with the committee. Electric Heaters cannot be used in the church apart from those supplied by The Friends of Old Christ Church, due to risk of overloading and fire hazards.

13. Raffles and Tombola’s are not permitted (exceptions see your event organiser)

14.       Media: Conditions of booking. You the stall holder agree to recordings and photographs of you, your stall and its contents for the promotion of future Events and church archives.

15.       Litter Please use bins provided around the church. Unsold items & packaging must be removed at the end of the event and not placed in our bins. Your stall and surrounding area is to be left clean, tidy and free from any breakages or spills. Please note that we cannot store items in the church


1.  Cancellations be by telephone 07716348946 to the event organiser followed by email or written confirmation.  

2.  Fees A £5 administration charged will be incurred when cancelling a booking.

3. Cancellations must be at least 48 hours prior to the event. Failing which full fees will be charged.

4. Claim your table at least 15 minutes before the event start time. We have the right to invite other stall holders to fill empty tables.

5. Event Cancelled A full refund will be given if we have to cancel the event.


1. Smoking is not permitted in the building.

Please extinguish your cigarettes in the receptacle provided outside the main entrance.

2. Accidents please report all accident to a steward immediately.

3.Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children must be carefully supervised at all times. We also request for their own safety and the safety of others that children refrain from running around the church.

If a child that appears lost or in distress, please report immediately to a steward.

4. Dogs Only assistance dogs are allowed in the church.

5. For reasons of safety please inform the event organiser if you are leaving the event early.

6. Property & Personal belongings are your responsibility and we cannot be held responsible for any losses due to damage/loss or theft. We recommend stallholders should have appropriate insurance.

7. Gangways & Fire Exits are to be kept clear. Please ensure that goods are not likely to topple over and cause harm to others. You may be asked to move such items by a steward.

8. Licenses The playing of recorded/live music or the offer for sale or consumption of alcohol must not be done unless prior arrangements have been made with our licensing officer Linda Gibbs.

9. Tobacco Products  including snuff and CBD oil must not be sold.

10. Illegal and counterfeit goods are strictly prohibited. including CD’s & DVD’s,

11. Gas Appliances and equipment are not to be sold; this includes any pressurised gas cylinders such as camping gas or butane, work torches or lighters and other gasses including diving equipment.

12. Electrical Items The sale of second hand electrical items is not permitted, unless they have been PAT by us at a charge of £1 per item prior to an event. Please note PAT is not always available and you may therefore bring items on the day that can not be sold. Only new electrical items are permitted and they must be un-opened in the original packaging.

13. Pyrotechnics  The sale of fireworks, sparklers, signal flares, matches, etc are not permitted.

14. Homemade Products – You must be registered with the local council and have a full certificate of hygiene to sell bread, cakes, jams, pickles and/or prepared food. Careful labelling must also be used.

15. Partly used personnel items such as cosmetics, skin care, body lotions or any items that have been opened including food is not permitted to be on sale.

16. Product Expiry Date. Goods being sold with, a best before date is permitted. The best before expiry should be pointed out. It is illegal to sell any goods that the use by date has expired on.

17.Upholstered Furnishings We advise that traders do not offer for sale upholstered furnishings made between 1950 -1990. This should include cushions, pillows and carrycots. If no sewn in visible label can be seen bearing the information “Carelessness Causes Fires” and the guidelines then don’t sell it.

18.Toys All toys must have the CE Mark. This symbol, the CE Mark, together with the name and address of the first supplier, was required by law to appear on all toys placed on the market in the European Union on and after January 1990 to show that it passes all European standards. It is not a European safety marker or quality symbol. Its purpose is to indicate to authorities that the toys bearing it are intended for sale in the European Community, that they meet the essential safety requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive and are entitled to access European Community markets.  If the item is a collectable, it must clear labelled “THIS IT NOT A TOY”

19. Clothing All clothing must be clean (including shoes) and safe for someone else to wear. Be aware that garments such as raincoats, anoraks, tracksuit tops etc. must not have a hood cord when intended for use by children. The guideline measurements are chest size 44cm or less or 17.5 inches or less when laid flat.

20. We reserve the right to request the removal of anything we deem to be offensive, inappropriate or dangerous in nature to the general public.

Our Ref: T&G2022-V11